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Patient monitoring and communication system by Clockwork AV
Patient monitoring and communication system by Clockwork AV

Patient Monitoring & Communications


We were asked a few years ago to devise a product that would allow nurses in a central area to monitor the sound in several cubicles and instantly tell which room a sound was coming from.


Our audio background let us to develop a simple and very user friendly system that does just that!


The scenario - imagine you are on a night shift looking after several rooms & you hear a voice in the distance coming from one of the rooms.


You can tell by the tone that it is not an emergency but no patients have pressed the nurse-call button so where is the noise coming from & what do they need?


Instead of walking to each room in turn, finding which patient requires assistance, walking back to the nurses station or stores area & then walking back to the patient, you simply need to look at our wall or desk mounted panel & see which of the room indicators are flashing indicating that there is noise present.


Even better, now that you know which room needs attention, you are now able to press the talk button on our panel & have a two-way conversation directly with the patient without them needing to get out of bed or press a button.


Much easier to ask them what they need & deliver it in one trip!


Setting an individual room to privacy mode is as simple as pressing one switch in that room and the wall mounted status indicator on both the bedroom and nurses station wall panel changes from green to red.


This mechanically mutes the microphone in this bedroom and ensures that any conversations or consultations within that room are now completely confidential and cannot be monitored anywhere on the system.


One more click on the switch & the indicator lights turn green adding the room back onto the monitoring system again.


Our systems are completely bespoke & can cope with a 4 bed cubicle or 50 bed ward so please give us a call on 01670 789 898 for an informal chat or to arrange a no-obligation site visit


Need it installed - no problem - please ask for details of our nationwide installation service

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