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Church Projection Systems


A large screen projection system is the perfect way to communicate with your congregation


As specialists in church installations and with over 25 years experience, we have installed everything from simple pull-up screens to large-scale multi-screen outdoor projection systems


In most cases churches just require a very simple to operate system but with a suitably large image that is both bright and vivid and which needs to work with hymn lyrics, PowerPoint type presentations and for videos 

We can supply powerful projectors fitted with telephoto lenses allowing them to sit unnoticed at the back of church and then perhaps install a discreet screen that retracts away behind a chancel arch to avoid being seen by the congregation when not in use


We find that there is not a single solution that works for all churches so please give us a call on 01670 789 898 for an informal chat or to arrange a no-obligation site visit if you are thinking about a new installation or an upgrade.

Although we are happy to supply products nationwide for you to fit, we only fit projection systems in churches within NE England and Cumbria to ensure we can give the installations our full care and attention.

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