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Interactive Interactive LCD Displays


If you prefer not to use a conventional projector and interactive whiteboard then
this is the option for you.


We can supply interactive LCD displays in various sizes from 42" to 84" from the most popular brands in the UK - we can also advise on the best model to suit your needs & budget


Using an interactive LCD board can be as simple as connecting the supplied USB and HDMI

or VGA lead fromm the display to your laptop or PC and then using your finger as

a mouse to navigate around the screen 

We offer a wide range of  wall & stand mounting options for LCD panels - please ring

or email for details

Need it installed - no problem - please ask for details of our nationwide installation service


Click on any of the brands below  to view our wide range of interactive LCD displays or give us a call on 01670 789 898 if you need help choosing


Interactive White Boards



When connected to a PC and projector, an Interactive whiteboard allows you to project images onto the board & then use your finger or a stylus to interact with the PC instead of using a mouse.


There are several types & sizes of interactive whiteboard available - some allow you to touch the board with your finger & some require the use of a special stylus.

We can guide you through the various options available and also install whiteboards nationwide 

Please click to view our wide range of interactive whiteboards or give us a call on 01670 789 898 


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