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Induction Loop Systems


Induction Loop Systems are a very easy way to allow hearing aid wearers to participate in every day life & events where they may otherwise not be able to hear what is being said.


Our engineers have been installing loops for over 25 years and, with our audio background, ensure that any loop systems that we provide will both comply with Disability Discrimination Act requirements and actually provide good quality audio to users of the system - after all, what is the point in spending money on an Induction Loop System if it does not work properly?


Whether you need a hidden loop system for your reception counter, a fully integrated loop system for your church or perhaps a complex low-overspill loop where privacy is a concern, we can help.


Our product range includes both portable and installed loop systems and we also offer an Induction Loop System Hire Service for conferences & events.


We also offer a calibration & testing service to confirm that your existing system is working correctly even if it was not installed by us.


If being overheard in an adjoining room or corridor is an issue, we can also offer infra-red listening systems that are a very effective alternative to comply with DDA requirements without compromising confidentiality.


Need it installed - no problem - please ask for details of our nationwide installation service


We find that there is not a single solution that works for all situations so please give us a call on 01670 789 898 for an informal chat or to arrange a no-obligation site visit if you are thinking about a new installation or an upgrade.


Looking for an Induction Loop sign to print out ? Download one here


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